Tip: Flowing Text in Shapes

Flowing text in shapes is no longer available in CP-versions later than 5.5.

I plan to post some small tips for Captivate 5. This first tip is a less known, but useful new feature: you can put text directly into a closed shape, such as rectangles, ovals and polygons. Moreover the inserted text will automatically adapt to the form of the shape. In previous versions of Captivate this was a tedious process: put a Text Caption on top of the shape, and try to adapt the text by inserting spaces and breaks.
I created a small Captivate-demonstration to show the workflow. Hope you enjoy watching it!
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You are amazing and you have been a lot of help to me before. Can you help me out again? I have many projects that I have to upgrade and publish into 2017. They were in C7. They are not publishing in 2017 but they publish in C9. They are non-responsive courses without any audio or video, pretty plain as per the client's request. What should I look for? Nothing is off the slides, no roll overs or anything indicated according to the HTML5 tracker. I am at a loss. Been working on this for days now. Ideas?
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