Curious about Variables in Captivate?

Since Captivate 4 you have access to a whole bunch of system variables, and you can create your own variables. It is possible to change variables and thus taking more control over your Captivate-movie.

If you feel uncomfortable with or puzzled by this introductory paragraph, please read on. Probably you never used a scripting language, or you never liked... maths? But I think it is really worthwhile to get some hints about the power of those variables are and their possible use. For this reason I did create a starters tutorial, with practical examples and ... without writing any script (called Advanced actions in Captivate). If you want more later on, I do plan to write a second part, where simple advanced actions will be used to give you even more power with the variables. All examples can be used in Captivate 5 as well as in Captivate 4.

Not curious yet? Do you know how to hide the playbar temporarily for a couple of slides? Or to turn off the navigation in the Table of Contents? Or to show the score of a question slide without having to type a lot? Then have a look at the examples in this tutorial:

Use the power of variables in Captivate 5 and 4 - without advanced actions 


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Hello, I just started working with captivate a few months ago. We are trying to develop an online course and seem to be having a lot of trouble. I am not an IT person, so I know nothing about creating these things. We have a flow chart on one of the slides. if clicking "yes" a certain group will show and if clicking "no" a different group will show. we have 5 yes buttons for 5 different groups and 5 for no, as well. The company we are developing this for wants to be able to "unclick" each button so that the user can see where the flow chart goes without having all of the other answers on there that had already been clicked.... so, show group193 on first click then hide group193 on second click (restarting each time to be able to do multiple clicks with the same results). Can anyone help?!
Tracy, this is a personal blog, not a forum. You can post at the Adobe forums, or in a LinkedIn discussion group. Or you can hire me as a consultant or a trainer of course.