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An upgraded post, which takes advantage of the new features in more recent versions, have been posted. Check it out:

Intermeidate Score Slides in 2020


Even in Captivate 6 only one quiz per file is possible, although you can have a pretest as well in the same fle. A question that often appears on the forum like the one in this thread: "...I'm adding a quiz for each of the individual sections within a file (3 in total). I'd like for the user to see how well they've done in each section, but there is only one score page in my project and it only comes up when the quiz has been completed". 

In this post I'll try to explain a possible solution, with custom score slides after each section similar to the default score slide that pops up after the last question slide of the file. Have first a look at the example movie to see the result.


You'll find three sections with only a quiz in this example: Geography, Politics, General (subject = Belgium). Of course, normally you'd have also content slides in those sections but I suspect that regular readers of my blog do not need those any more. You can take the quizzes in any order. When you have finished all quizzes, a button will appear that will navigate you to the Total Score slide, which is the default Score slide. I think my custom score slides are prettier :-)

Scores of the different sections, question slides can be found in this Advanced Interaction view:


You have seen this sequence of slides:

  • Slide Intro with Continue (Shape) button
  • Slide Choice where you can choose the subject (3 shape buttons with simple Jump to actions); after a quiz the user is navigated back to this slide and completed quizzes are marked; when all quizzes are done the (shape) button Total Score (Jump to last slide) appears on this slide;
  • Slide Group Geography: with 3 Question slides (Q1_Geo, Q2_Geo, Q3_Geo) and a slide GeoScore; maximum possible score = 10p
  • Slide Group Politics: with 3 Question slides (Q1_PolQ2_PolQ3_Pol) and a slide PolScoremaximum possible score = 15p
  • Slide Group General: with 4 Question slides (Q1_GnrlQ2_GnrlQ3_Gnrl, Q4_Gnrl) and a slide GnrlScore  maximum possible score = 20p
  • Slide TotalScore   


To keep track of the score and the number of correctly answered questions for the partial quizzes, I created user variables. The percentage is calculated and stored in another variable. In the example those variables are shown only on the intermediate Score slides, but if wanted a summary can be offered at the end, showing the results for all sections.

Since there are 3 sections, I have 3 trios of variables, none has a default value to start with:

  • v_geoscore, v_geoqst, v_geoperc will store values of score/correct questions/percentage for the Geography quiz
  • v_polscore, v_polqst, v_polperc will store values of score/correct questions/percentage for the Politics quiz
  • v_gnrlscore, v_gnrlqst, v_gnrlperc will store values of score/correct questions/percentage for the General quiz

Another variable v_null (empty variable) was used to check if a Quiz had a result to mark the Quizzes as done in the second slide Choice, and eventually present the button to advanced to the Total Score.

Advanced Actions

With this article I focus first on the intermediate score slides. I didn't calculate the maximum possible score, nor the total number of questions, but just typed them in.

To populate the defined variables (score, number correct questions, percentage) I used the Quizzing system variable cpQuizInfoLastSlidePointScored. This variable is reused after each slide, so I can only get use it immediately after each question slide. That is the reason for the advanced action, triggered on entering the question slides, starting with the second question slide. The action is the same for all question slides in a section. Here is an example for the section Geography:

Conditional advanced action Ent_Q_Geo

This action is triggered On Enter for slides Q2_Geo (for the first question slide) and Q3_Geo (for the second question slide).

I adopted the (almost) the same way as Captivate to count the number of correct questions: for questions with partial scores, the question is counted as correct if only part of the question is correct. Not totally the same way, because I require that the score has to be positive, because with Captivate depending on the penalties even a negative score is possible for a question with partial scores and one part correct, rest incorrect. That is the reason for the IF: score of the previous question has to be positive. In that case the variable v_geoqst is incremented. Both for correct and incorrect questions the score is added to v_geoscore.

For the groups Politics and General a similar action has to be created. It will be applied to all question slides except the first of the section.

Conditional advanced action Ent_Q_Geo

To add the result of the last question slide, I used an On Enter action for the score slide, that is different because it has also to calculate the percentage to be shown (v_geoperc) and to show the proper text caption for Success/Failure.

This action has two decisions: 

QPrevCorrect: has the same statements as Ent_Q_Geo plus the statements to calculate the percentage. As mentioned I did type in the maximum possible score (10, 15 or 20 for the 3 quizzes). 


Passed?: shows the proper text (used a smart shape as text container), based on the result.



This article did focus on how to create intermediate score slides.  I will not explain in detail the work flow I used for the choice slide to mark the visited quizzes, which was done with another conditional action. I used also the new discovered functionality that you can have two smart shape buttons in an exact same location and switch between them (see toggle shape buttons)

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Very Nice Post Lieve! Now I can redirect all of them who would ask for this workflow to this post :)
Thanks, Vish, I too got tired of always answering that question, so decided to write it out to be able to point to this article. Did you see that I didn't use any normal button, only shape buttons in the example?
I've wondered about this topic too. Thanks for the walkthrough. It seems like it's not quite right though. When I took the Politics quiz I got half of the questions right and still got a score of -7.

My average of about 50% right continued but my final quiz score was zero. Thoughts?

Guy, could you try to replicate that scenario? I have tested quite a lot of scenarios and all seemed to give a correct result. The score of -7 means that you had only the first (out of 3) answer correct, since there are 3 questions you can never have half of the questions right for Politics. And it is possible that this finally leads to a score of 0 at the end. I used a lot of penalties as you can see in the Advanced Interactions view. And the fact that a partially correct answer is counted as a 'correct' answer can confuse a lot because the total number of correct questions at the end are in that case not really relevant. I prefer personally not to give that number of correct questions if I use partially correct questions.
Hello Lieve,

I have tried this approach for separate scoring requirement. However, when I use Review Quiz button available on the Total Score slide, the scoring on the intermediate score slides goes for a toss. It adds scores each time you review the quiz, which makes the total number of correct questions greater than the number of actual questions on the intermediate score slides, if you have correctly attempted all questions.

Please let me know, if you have a work around for this.


Perhaps I could find a workaround, but with so much on my plate for the moment you'll have to be a bit patient.
Thanks Lieve, I can wait for your resolution.
Hi Lieve,

I have another query. I have implemented your suggested solution for intermediate scoring and it works fine. However, please let me know how to send the score of intermediate slides to LMS for LMS to store the data and make it visible to users at aany moment.


That depends a lot on the LMS itself: will it accept variables?
I will have to ask about LMS from client.

Can you please let me know about all the features that we need to know about LMS to conclude whether it will support intermediate scoring or not?

To describe the issue further, our primary requirement is that the user is able to quit quiz anytime (say after completing a particular section of quiz). When the same user log in again to complete rest of the sections, he/she should be able to see the previous section scores as well.


Really cannot help you more here, I'm not a LMS-expert at all.
Hi lily, I wish to achieve something like this, Can I have this project file? I'm new to Captivate.
Can I leave my email address in the feedback and you contact me via email? I am not able to PM you, may I have your email address please? Do you give private tutoring in Captivate? Like a crash course for me please. thanks
I'm Lilybiri, and the answer is No. I don't offer files for free, after bad experiences with some users.
If you want to contact me, post a tweet to @Lilybiri, I can follow you and you'll be able to send a direct message. Don't post publicly your email address. Another way is to go to the Adobe Captivate forums and there you can send me a private message. This Posthaven site where I archived my blog until I can move it to my own website, is really not very user friendly, you will not even see in this comment that I'm the owner of this blog.
Hi Lily I couldnt send you a PM in Captivate forum. I hope u can see my email here when I post this. Can you please send me a mail ? thanks
No Sam, cannot see your email. PM in Captivate forum works fine, get them all the time.
I'm trying to figure out if this post solves my problem of trying to track completion of a course by tracking the passing of the pre-test or post test-- am I correct on this?
No, Nancy, not if you are using the default Pretest slides in Captivate. This post was only meant to show partial scores within one file, but all question slides were created with the normal Question slides, no Pretest slides are included, they use other system variables. You should better come to the Captivate forums and try to explain your goal there.
Ok thank you for the clarification. From: [] Sent: Wednesday, March 26, 2014 3:58 AM
Hello, Thanks so much for this post! I do have a question, though. The score and percentage are not displaying on the custom intermediate results slide. Only the "passed" or "failed" comments. Can you diagnose what I need to correct?
Bit difficult without more details. Go to the Captivate forums, where you can post your question and add some screenshots as well.
Hi Lieve, Thank you for this post. It is unique and so helpful. I have a question regarding this section above, "v_geoscore, v_geoqst, v_geoperc will store values of score/correct questions/percentage for the Geography quiz." Would it be possible for you to share the steps you did to create v_geoperc? I'm able to get the question scores to report on another screen, but I'd like to be able either add the three variable scores or average them. Thank you!
This seems to be close to a solution that I'm looking for, how do you set up the variables though? Thanks!
Maybe you could have a look at this very old blog post, which explains a lot about variables, also about setting up user variables:
You are amazing Lieve, I have been searching all over for something like this. Hartelijk bedankt en baie, baie dankie.
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