Editing Motion Paths and Reusing Customized Effects

One of the new features in Captivate 5 are Effects. Krishna Kiran posted an interesting introduction to those effects in the Captivate blog. Here is the link:
Effects allow you to apply special formating such like dropdown shadows and bevel and to create simple animations without having to use Flash. In this tip I will show how you can adapt motion paths when using motion effects. It is possible to save customized effects and use them again in the same project or in another one. Once you have re-used a customized effect, it will be added in the dropdown-lists to a special category, labeled  Custom. If you want to see the custom effect also in the Advanced actions dropdown list, you'll have first to apply it in a time-based version to an object.
It is also possible to reorganize the effects in folders, but this involves deleting the Preferences folder in order to have this reorganisation reflected in the dropdown lists of the Effects panel.
I created this demonstration SWF to show how to customize a motion effect, to save and to reuse it.

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Great tutorial! Wish I could have found this out weeks ago.
Thanks, Danny. It was already there... If you have more suggestions for items that are not very clear, please let me know. My crystal ball is not always telling me everything.
Very cool! Keep it up on the tutorials, because they help me a lot.
Do appreciate your reaction, Ricardo, preparing another tutorial on hiding and showing objects in Captivate 5, seems a bit puzzling to some users.
Thanks, Lieve! i just upgraded to eLearning suite 2 and need all the help i can get learning new Captivate 5 features!
@TallisOnly This was an old post, I'm glad you find it still interesting. Feel free to post suggestions about subjects you want to be presented in this blog.
Thank you, Lieve! Very effective(!!)
Would love to see simple math in CP even if it is just
/ * + -

as this would expand the potential for education, problem solving etc.


@Grandpa72 It is possible to have simple mathematical exercises with advanced actions and user variables limited to those 4 operators. Did you know that when entering numbers (for dimensions, coordinates) in Captivate you can enter a formula like: 200 + 10? Captivate can calculate, simulation of a math exercise will always need variables, but why do you not introduce a feature request to make it more easy to have maths on a slide?
Happy to add the request, how do I do that?


Bill, you can find the form in this link:  Feature Request
Thanks Lieve,
have sent it off so we will see.

Great tutorial. Very succinct and easy to follwo. One question though, is it possible to add/remove points to a ZigZag Motion Path?
No, to edit the motion path you'll need to plunge into the XML-file or create a classic tween in Flash, export it to XML and import it in Captivate as a custom effect.
Many thanks! Very clear and helpful.