Limit Review to Incorrect Answers (Captivate 6)

Update: you can find a new version, HTML compatible and using newer features in this post=µ:


Because this question "While in Review Quiz process, is it possible to review only the slides which have been answered incorrectly?" popped up already multiple times on the user forums, I thought it could be interesting to create an easy solution. The solution will not work with random question slides, because the On Enter Slide event is not available for such slides. 


Play this movie to see the result. It has 5 question slides of different types, some with partial scoring, most with penalties. Only one attempt on Question level but two attempts are allowed on Quiz level. I dragged the Review button under the Retake button on the Score slide, to avoid confusion After the second attempt you can click the Review button on the Score slide, and only the questions that have been answered incorrectly will be visible, the correctly answered questions are skipped automatically.

Slides and events

The movie has 8 slides: Title, Instruction, 5 Question slides and the Score slide. Here is a screenshot of the Advanced Interaction panel (F9):

In this panel you see that I used the Success and Failure events of the Question slides, they always trigger the same advanced action Questx, where is x is the number of the Question. I also used the On Enter events for the Question slides and for the Score slide.



In the actions I will use the system variable cpQuizInfoLastSlidePointScored that stores the score of the last Question slide, immediately after the two-step process to submit the answer. Because this variable is reused for every question, I have to copy its value to a user variable for each slide. For this purpose I created as many user variables as the number of questions, labeled:

v_quest1, v_quest2, .... v_quest5 with a default value of 0

Too bad that we do not have a system variable that indicates when the user enters Review mode. So I created another user variable, a boolean that has an initial value of 0 but will get the value 1 when in Review mode.

v_review boolean (0,1)

To check this mode I will use the system variable cpQuizInfoAttempts. This variable stores the number of the present attempt on Quiz level when the first question of that attempt is started. But I will check only on entering the score slide (see Advanced Actions, EnterScore).


Advanced actions

Quest1, Quest2, Quest3, Quest4, Quest5 (standard advanced actions)

Those actions are triggered both by the Success and Last Attempt events for the corresponding question slide. They have only two statements:

  1. will store the value of cpQuizInfoLastSlidePointScored in a user variable; this variable is the only word to be edited in the duplicates 
  2. because a standard action is not releasing the play head, I preferred to add the statement 'Go to Next Slide' over 'Continue' to avoid waiting time for the user

You see two screenshots: the action accordion of the Quiz Properties panel for question slide 2 and the advanced action Quest2.

EnterQ1, EnterQ2, EnterQ3, EnterQ4, EnterQ5 (conditional advanced actions)

These are triggered by the On Slide Enter event for each Question slide. The condition (IF) to be checked is an AND combination of two:

  1. Is the user in Review mode? This is done by checking the value of the variable v_review.
  2. Has the user a positive score for this question? Done by checking the value of the corresponding variable v_questx (where x = number of the question). Since some questions have partial scoring, and there are also penalties, this doesn't mean that the question was answered totally correct. If you want to skip only for totally correct answers, you have to change this second condition, asking if the score was equal to the maximum score for that question (cpQuizInfoPointsPerQuestionSlide stores that information, so the condition would then be: IF v_quest(x) is equal to cpQuizInfoPointsPerQuestionSlide). 

If both conditions result in True, the slide will be skipped ('Go to Next Slide'), else the play head just continues. Here the screenshots for the second question slide:

EnterScore (conditional advanced action)

This action is triggered on entering the Score slide and will store the value 1 in the user variable v_review when the last Quiz attempt has been taken.  At that moment the system variable cpQuizInfoAttempts will be equal to the maximum number of attempts. There is no system variable for that maximum number, so you'll have to check it and type it in as a 'literal' in the condition. 

Here is a screenshot of that action, only the IF/Then part. For Else a simple Continue statement is OK. You'll see I have also a second decision, used to show the correct feedback on the score slide. As I mentioned before, I'm a bit embarrassed by the fact that the default feedback message shifts always to Times New Roman font. So I replaced it by showing/hiding a smart shape used as text container. 


The proposed work flow can also be used for versions 5 and 5.5. The actions are rather simple, and the only cumbersome work is the duplication, editing (although limited always to changing one variable name) and attribution to the correct event. One could create a template to avoid having to recreate at least one original action and variable. 

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Thanks, Lieve! This is exactly what we need for our 25 question quizzes. It takes a lot of time setting things up, but works great. I really do hope, though, that in the next version of Captivate, they will add a checkbox option for this in Quiz preferences.
does not work
It works for me? What do you mean?
Do you have any idea of how to set up Captivate 6 so that after a user reviews the quiz they can then retake the quiz. When a user fails the quiz, we want them to review the quiz so that they can learn from their mistakes and then be able to retake the quiz. Currently and according to Adobe, when a user selects Review Quiz, they cannot retake the quiz. That's not acceptable for us because we want the user to keep taking it until they pass it and have selected infinite attempts...but, the review quiz overrides everything and will not allow them to retake the quiz even if they close out and go back in the quiz.
Not possible, sorry. There is very little control over the default quiz slides, and by design Retake is only available if there has been no Review. If you are deploying from a LMS, did you try to check 'Never Send Resume Data'?
It was suggested by Adobe to check the "Never Send Resume Data" but I haven't tried it. I know that will remove the bookmarking capability but what else will that do? The quizzes have been deployed to the Saba LMS and that is when I first heard about the problem...some of our users were reviewing their quizzes and were not able to retake the quizzes after reviewing them.
Do try that solution, I never used Saba myself.
It's incomprehensible to me that you can't setup a quiz to allow users to skip or pass on a question and come back to the skipped questions at the end and also to review their incorrect answers. Such a basic requirement you'd think Adobe would have realised that by version 8!
There is the Submit All feature that you can use for your goal. It is available since CP6.
The v_review variable, is the value "0,1"
It is clearly mentioned in the part 'variables' that v_review is a Boolean, which means value 0 or 1 (or False/True).
Hi, I'm developing question slides using Captivate 9. Is the workflow any different when developing questions in Captivate 9? As stated above the workflow works for version 5 and 5.5. I have built 4 questions from the question slide and assigned all variable and created all advanced actions and attached to each question and results slide and not able to review missed questions. Probably something I missed. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
You should come to the Captivate forums, where you can insert a screenshot of the advanced actions.
Yes, I would like to. Can you post the URL for me please.
I have created a blog under Quiz / LMS section, Limit Review to Incorrect Answers (Captivate 9)
Where to put the on_Enter action..
I have a question about reviews and adobe support sent me here, but I don't think this is what I'm looking for. We allow our students 3 attempts to pass a quiz before they fail the course. We would like them to be able to review the quiz, but not display the correct answer. As it is now the review will show them the questions they missed, but it also shows them the correct answer to the question. So they are virtually guaranteed to pass on the second attempt if they do the review. We'd like for them to see the question they missed, but not give them the correct answer. Is that possible? Adobe support wasn't much help on this.
No, this is not possible with included Quiz features. It could be done by creating custom questions. Sorry, Adobe often sent them to my blog posts, but not always to the correct one. Easier and cheaper for them, because this is free.
Do you know of anyone who has posted how to set up a question like this? It seems like this would be a pretty useful feature for people using this program.
I have many blog posts about custom questions. Do you realize how much work that means? AFAIK no one else has spent so much time on creating free tutorials dedicated to custom questions. Sorry, cannot help you more.