Statements (Advanced Actions) in Captivate 6 (list)


Recently at DevLearn 2012 I coached some Captivate users for Advanced actions in a preconf workshop. Besides a cookbook, which I will not publish publicly, I also offered them a table describing all available statements in the Advanced Actions dialog box. The list with system variables has been explained in a previous article, with a link for a free download of that list. This post will describe the Statements list that you will also be able to download for free at the end.


The list with statements has 4 columns

  • Statement: as it appears in the dropdown list of the first column in advanced actions, I used the same sequence as provided there.  Sometimes statements will be greyed out in the list because they are not available in that situation.
  • Explanation: trying to explain what exactly is the meaning of the statement

  • Comments: has more explanation, warnings and tips about the statement

  • Simple action?: shows if the statement is also available as simple action in the action accordion for an event; some are only available for certain events, which explains the subdivision of this column in:
    • On Enter (slide event)
    • On Exit (slide event)
    • Object (Success or Last Attempt for an interactive object)

I added a small table on page 2 with actions that are only available as simple actions, and not in the dropdown list for advanced actions. If you do not understand the comment about 'No action' (last line), please watch this video about the difference between a simple and an advanced action.


I posted the pdf on; use this link  to download your free copy. Would love to see your comments.

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Thanks, Lieve. I am looking forward to using the table. Can you tell me why I might not be seeing the file for download on the site? I have tried the link a few times and have signed in with my Acrobat/Adobe username and password but I don't see the file listed. Thank you for helping me. --Michael
Bummer, the copy link in is still not functional. I tweaked the URL a little bit, and now it is getting me directly to the copy. Could you try again? Thanks for letting me know about the problem.

Yay! It works. Thanks, Lieve!!<o:p></o:p>

From: Posterous [mailto:

Yay! It works. Thanks, Lieve!!
Since there isn't an anymore is there somewhere else to find this list of Statements? Thank you.