System variables in Captivate 8/9 and 2017

I published a new version of the table with system variables for CP2019. It is still free to download and personal use. Check out: 


Captivate 9, 2017  users: there is no change about system variables in both versions, you can download the same table.

The post 'System variables in Captivate 6' has been very popular, probably because it offers more details than what can be found in the documentation of Captivate itself. Later on I mentioned some new variables in Captivate 7 in the post New Features in 7.0.1.
Time to upgrade the table for Captivate 8, you can download (for free) the pdf from here. The document is encrypted to discourage abuse. You will be able to print it at low resolution (150dpi) and it can be read by a screen reader. 

The table was first proposed at the Adobe Learning Summit presentation about Advanced and Shared Actions. 


Captivate 8 only added two new variables:

  • cpInfoMobileOS in the category 'System Information': is read-only and detects which device is used, returns a number or a case-sensitive string

  • cpInfoGeoLocation in a new category 'Mobile': returns the geometric location when using a device on which such detection is enabled. This is the first variable that has not one but three components. Latitude, Longitude and Accuracy are numbers. There are several tutorials around, like this one.

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Thank you so much for this list Lieve! It is appreciated.
The Captivate 8 system variables link above seems not to be working currently(11/02/2015)
Stephen, it worked perfectly but today there seem to be problems with Can you try again, maybe tomorrow?
Two of the links inside PDF don't open. "cpinfoCurrentFrame" "cpquizinfoanswerchoice" should have "-and" at the end of the link
@Donal Thanks for detecting this, everything worked fine in the original documents which I double-checked but not in the PDF. I recreated every link, can you check again?
Unfortunately the Captivate 8 system variables link above has not been working since I last tried this on the 11/02/15 - today is the 17/02/15. Is this file located anywhere else?
It is working perfectly for me, which is strange. Are you behind a firewall? It is stored on And apparently other users are able to download it.
Yes that's it. Our company firewall was blocking this. I now have access. Thanks for your help
Lieve, None of the links in PDF work for me i.e. no hand cursor. Checked another PDF and the hand cursor is displayed. FYI: .... (SECURED) is displayed in the title bar of PDF.
Yes, I have protected the PDF, explained in the text. I don't like that very much, but it is not correct that other people are earning money with what I offer for free. You can always copy the URL into the browser.
Hi Lieve, How do i copy the URL into the browser? The links appear as plain text in PDF i.e. mouse does not change when you roll over the link
The Geolocation possibilities seem very exciting at first glance - however is there any way to check if the geolocation action is actually returning a result or not? e.g. is there some way to see if the device has location services enabled or switched off? I guess you could check if a variable is getting set or not, but this could also mean the learner is outside the specified locations, or that their reception is not giving them 3G at a particular location... Sorry if the answer is obvious, I'm a relative newbie with Captivate
Hi Lieve I was referred to your blog by Paul Wilson as i wanted some tips on Advanced Actions. I am creating a quiz with user having 2 attempts. I want the review button to appear only after the second attempt and not after the first attempt. So i was thinking something like: If attempt is equal to 1 hide review button else show review button (after last attempt) For this to be possible i need to create a custom Review Button that executes an advanced action to review the quiz on click. (i will just get rid of the default review button) I am not sure if you are able to help me with this, i need to know how to create an advanced action to launch the review mode. Many Thanks
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